Our architects have created the following renderings to help us get a feel for how our new spaces will allow the ministries of Christ Church to reach more un-churched and de-churched people for God's Kingdom.

As you explore, put yourself in each space and dream about ways God could use that brick and mortar to do Greater Things.



The spacious Atrium will allow for comfortable traffic flow, as well as areas for worshipers and Groups to gather in community.


Atrium Café

A café with potential outside patio and pond access will offer a place for all worship venues to converge between services and during the week. 


Chapel Venue

The additional of a chapel will provide a more intimate space for Traditions Worship, mid-size Group teaching, weddings, funerals, and more.

Venue 2-01.jpg

Youth & Worship

This modern space will be comfortable for our youth to hang out in on Sunday nights, and allow simultaneous worship on Sunday mornings. 

UWA 30x42 Christ Church_Page_2_Image_0004.png
UWA 30x42 Christ Church_Page_2_Image_0003.png
UWA 30x42 Christ Church_Page_1_Image_0004.png
UWA 30x42 Christ Church_Page_1_Image_0003.png